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TiLT Wine

Project Scope

Logo & Packaging Design




Fratelli Wines


Lead Designer

The Brief

The key for this disruptive product was to detach wine from its image of being unapproachable and rigid. Where affordable wines exist in India, they often carry a tag of being “cheap wine”.


An internationally awarded product, TiLT was created to tick the boxes of affordability, approachability and quality, all while taking on a trendsetting and "instagrammable" look. Our design goal was to create a beautiful and convenient drink that catches attention, challenges opinions and of course, tastes great.

Impact: Hard work pays off

TiLT was a product of the first Covid lockdown in the summer of 2020. The liquor industry in India was turned upside down overnight with all sources of revenue being cut off for weeks. TiLT was conceptualised, created and put into market in the space of 4 months, ultimately becoming a beacon of hope that also gave the company a much needed cash injection.

Not only has the product been well received by young Indians who actively seek novel, offbeat and healthy options in F&B, it has won multiple awards in the years since. I was honoured to receive a Packaging Design award for the 4-SKU range at the International Canned Wine Awards, an annual event that recognises achievements in the burgeoning canned wine segment worldwide.

The TiLT project has been a cornerstone in my growth and achievements as a designer. It's avalaible at all major liquor stores across Indian metros.

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