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Soul Spring Wellness

Project Scope

Desktop & Mobile Web Experience




Soul Spring Wellness


Lead Designer

The Concept

‘Wellbeing’ is often addressed as the absence of diseases. But in reality, it is the journey of the mind and body on its way to renewal.

Our journey through life is filled with experiences of transition and change; a dynamic dance that ensures a continuous renewal of our mind and body. This experience of transition teaches us about ourselves and influences the way we view our wellness.


Through it’s new design philosophy, Soul Spring celebrates the beauty of transition, and the epic journeys each one of us makes in search of renewal.

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In partnership with AI: A Midjourney Experiment

The brief was to bring Soul Spring Wellness into the global market, backed by its cutting edge technologies and tailored offerings and attract business additively. This project presented the an opportunity to weigh the real world business impact of AI generated brand imagery. We envisioned the brand breaking away from it's comfort zone positioning of professional healthcare + holistic wellness. The self assured tonality and dreamy visual landscape ends a slightly spiritual tone to what would otherwise be cut and dry "healthcare". 

The outcome echoed a carefully constructed self image and reflection of Soul Spring - the world Soul Spring presents to it's clients and the world clients experience thereafter.

Fortifying the future-ready soul of a Medtech and holistic wellness brand

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