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Soul Spring Wellness: Logo Concept

Project Scope

Branded House Identity




Soul Spring Wellness


Lead Designer

The Orb






The conceptual format of a circle is the most prevailing blueprint in nature. It can be seen in all corners of creation: from the smallest cells in our bodies to our entire planet and the layers that it was madeof. The universe seems to repeat it like a mantra.

It is a form that denotes the nature of life itself, the inescapable movement of the wheel of time that moves us all forward, the ebb and flow of our consciousness, and the unique energy within each of us. The Orb symbolises our positivity, our energy flow, and all the emotions and sensations that make us human.

In partnership with AI:

A Midjourney Experiment

Soul Spring was a foray into the unknown for me and my team. ChatGPT had just launched, Midjourney was about to release a new improved version, and we wanted in on the hype.

This project presented the perfect opportunity to get experimental and abstract. We envisioned the brand breaking away from it's comfort zone positioning of professional healthcare + holistic wellness, and move towards a more self assured tonality. One that celebrates asymmetry and transition, and lends a slightly spiritual tone to what would otherwise be cut and dry "healthcare". Backed by its cutting edge technologies and tailored offerings, Soul Spring no longer needed to prove itself, but rather revel in it's subtle uniqueness and attract additively.

With this evolution in mind, I dove straight into Midjourney. A philosophical campus of visuals was created that echoed a carefully constructed self image and reflection of Soul Spring - the world Soul Spring presents to it's clients and the world clients experience thereafter.

Using AI generated imagery to breathe new life into a Medtech and holistic wellness brand

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