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Piramal Pharma Solutions

Project Scope

Desktop Web Experience Pitch




Piramal Pharma Solutions


Lead Designer

The Brief

Extend & Modernize the visual language with a dedicated narrative and design philosophy

Reconnect & Reflect with the legacy of the Piramal brand as a brand that is trusted by millions

Tune & Improve the usability and experience of the product to reflect modern standards

A Positive Trend

Piramal has made a significant impact in the daily lives of Indians through various products, solutions and innovations. It's deep rooted values, unique business ideology and commitment to performance have ensured it's growth and success over nearly 40 years.

The growth matrix is a visual that speaks of Piramal Group's legacy of innovation, progress, performance and positive impact. It's organic wavy lines are reminiscent of the flow of water, the substrate that nurtures life. It creates perspective and lends a sense of foundation and grounding to the visual, symbolic of Piramal's resilience, longevity and the trust that every Indian can place on it's businesses.

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