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Project Scope

Design System, Responsive Website





Team UI Designer

The Brief

As a Fractal Analytics company, uses data to enable

interconnected and automated decisioning for businesses to grow into adaptive intelligent enterprises.

Following a logo design project, my team and I set out to specify a Design System and create a responsive and immersive website experience for the brand that reflected these brand keywords. 

Making Our Mark is a new company with big dreams and solid backing, aiming for an IPO within its first 5 years of operation. It was exciting to be a part of a story such as this and to have made our mark on the design and communication of the brand from top to toe. 

With every other new startup trying to get in on the AI rush, the aim of our team was to make stand out from the crowd. The brand follows a minimal design language so as to maintain focus on its brand motif that reflects interconnectedness and growth. The design language creates narratives that bridge businesses with end consumers, highlighting the supply chain from macro to micro scales.

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